A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


Mouse: Look Around

Left Click: Interact/Cycle

Space / Right Click: Spin 180 Degrees


You're a volunteer at the Global Association Of Greenhouse Mirror Symmetry (GAOMGS) and you are tasked with ensuring that all greenhouses are up to standard!

In front  you will see the desired sequence of plants. Behind you are the plants that must match the pattern!.

Click on the plants to cycle them and complete the mirrored sequence!

Once you are satisfied with your assessment, click on the large green button to journey to the next greenhouse.

Remember that the sequence must be mirrored for it to be correct, so be sure to use the spin button to flip between the two sides.

Unfortunately, it is unsafe to assess greenhouses at night, so you must complete as many assessments as you can in one day! The faster you complete the assessments, the more clout you will gather. Share your scores in the comment section and see who is the best assessor!


Programming, Audio & Design: Max Kearney @KearneyMax

3D Art: Jess Fittock artstation

Voice Acting: vattgholu twitch


Tom Turner

Cassie Cocks

Lina Huynh



Quick, Match Those Plants! Windows.zip 21 MB
Quick, Match Those Plants! Mac.dmg 37 MB
Quick, Match Those Plants! Linux.zip 23 MB

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