A downloadable prototype for Windows and macOS

Don't get hit by the red blockades, hit the spacebar to the beat to collect the orbs. Blue orbs allow you to shoot back by holding the spacebar!

Premise for the full game:

The vigilante organisation, RAMTEETH, were mysteriously tipped off about a vulnerability in an old game on the PlayCube’s game console. Drift Ring Zero was developed with unsafe access to Captivate’s servers because of a rushed development cycle. Leveraging this, RAMTEETH has built sidegate as a mod for Drift Ring Zero to break into the ourHome metaverse and reclaim their users’ data. The data is retrieved from Captivate’s servers and put on an anonymised distributed network, allowing secure access to ourHome’s services without tracking and monitoring. Your job as a fresh RAMTEETH recruit is to aid the leaders and take back the data that Captivate stole.

Models and concept art by SCRAWN

Install instructions

mac users be careful which version you download, intel vs m1 chipsets.


sidegate_prototype_intelmacs.app.zip 31 MB
sidegate_prototype_m1macs.app.zip 29 MB
sidegate_prototype_windows.zip 34 MB

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